Our offer:

Job placement services

Finding a suitable candidate for a vacant position is a complex, costly and above all time-consuming process. We will do it for you!
We recruit personnel for companies across the European Union. As part of our service the employer is offered the best candidates, carefully selected on the basis of a detailed analysis of submitted documents and interviews.

Temporary employment

As part of this service we conduct the recruitment process, employ the candidate at Rainbow Jobs and then transfer him/her to the future employer.

The main advantages of this form of employment include:

– an unlimited number of fixed-term contracts
– a shorter notice period
– relieving the employer’s HR department of considerable burden

The selection process is identical to that implemented in the job placement service. The candidates are selected to suit the employer’s needs and to fulfil the requirements of the posts to be filled.

Employee leasing

We also provide the service of employee leasing to enterprises which carry out short-term labour-intensive projects. This form of employment is also effective in the case of employees on leave, including sick leave, because it allows for an easy temporary replacement. We perform all HR services, which appreciably reduces labour costs borne by the employer.